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Welcome to the web version of CAST & CREW, a bi-monthly newsletter for professional and community theater in Maine and surrounding areas.

Theater Masks

Cast & Crew was founded in 1991as a bi-monthly newsletter providing networking news to actors and theater companies about what their peers were doing on stage and in film, particularly in the State of Maine and Eastern New Hampshire. In addition, the goal is to provide information about auditions for performers, classes and workshops for them to continue to hone their craft, and opportunities for directors, designers, and technical staff. As more and more information has been added over the years, Cast & Crew has grown from its original four pages to the current twenty pages of articles, theater listings, and other information.

Cast & Crew is the outgrowth of a series of gatherings of Portland area performers, directors, and technicians convened to address the need for cooperation and information sharing. Legendary performance artist Tony Montanaro first suggested the value of a newsletter, which shortly thereafter was formed by a group including Harlan Baker, Viki Brothers, Reggie Groff, Muriel Kenderdine, and Greg Titherington. Cast & Crew also would not have been possible without the invaluable computer skills of the late Peter Beebe-Lawson and Andre Kruppa.

Theater Masks